Scientific papers


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Accepted for publication

  1. Asymptotic enumeration of extensional acyclic digraphs (full version), accepted for publication in Algorithmica. Preprint: [pdf]
  2. Enumeration of highly balanced trees, accepted for publication in Ars Combinatoria. Preprint: [pdf]
  3. A note on the number of dominating sets of a graph, accepted for publication in Utilitas Mathematica. Preprint: [pdf]
  4. Free Lamplighter Groups and a Question of Atiyah, accepted for publication in the American Journal of Mathematics; with F. Lehner. Preprint: [pdf]
  5. On sums of distinct odd squares arising from a class of totally symmetric plane partitions, accepted for publication in Bulletin Mathématique de la Société des Sciences Mathématiques de Roumanie; with A. Blecher, A. Knopfmacher and F. Luca. Preprint: [pdf]
  6. Distance-based graph invariants of trees and the Harary index, accepted for publication in FILOMAT; with H. Wang and X. Zhang. Preprint: [pdf]


  1. The number of cones generated by a Multiresolution Analysis with a sequence of LULU operators; with D. Laurie and C. Rohwer. Preprint: [pdf]
  2. A general asymptotic scheme for moments of partition statistics; with P. J. Grabner and A. Knopfmacher. Preprint: [pdf]
  3. Indistinguishable trees and graphs; with H. Wang. Preprint: [pdf]
  4. Bootstrapping and double-exponential limit laws; with H. Prodinger. Preprint: [pdf]
  5. On the local and global means of subtree orders; with H. Wang. Preprint: [pdf]
  6. Coupon collecting and transversals of hypergraphs; with M. Wild, S. Janson and D. Laurie. Preprint: [pdf]
  7. Greedy trees, subtrees and antichains; with E. O. D. Andriantiana and H. Wang. Preprint: [pdf]
  8. Hitting Times, Cover Cost, and the Wiener Index of a Tree; with A. Georgakopoulos. Preprint: [pdf]
  9. Central limit theorems for additive tree parameters. Preprint: [pdf]

Theses and other publications

  • An elementary proof of an inequality for convex lattice polygons: a paper I wrote when I was a masters student. Probably not important enough to be published in a high-quality journal, but I still like my proof. [pdf]
  • Ph.D. thesis: Graph-theoretical enumeration and digital expansions - an analytic approach [pdf]
  • Diploma thesis on applications of the Hardy-Littlewood-method: Anwendungen der Hardy-Littlewood-Methode - Partitionen und das Problem von Waring (German) [pdf]
  • "Fachbereichsarbeit" (small scientific work for the school leaving examination) on game theory: Spieltheorie (German) [pdf]
  • Seminar paper on finite simple groups: Einfache Gruppen sind kompliziert (German) [pdf]
  • Mathematical Olympiad

  • Combinatorics notes (English) [pdf]
  • Kombinatorik-Skriptum (German) [pdf]

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