Current Students

  • Angel Javier Alonso (Advisor: Michael Kerber)
  • Aqsa Bashir (Advisor: Alfred Geroldinger)
  • Sergio Fernandez de soto (Advisor: Cesar Ceballos)
  • Jakob Führer (Advisor: Christian Elsholtz)
  • Anna Geisler (Advisor: Mihyun Kang)
  • Michael Henry (Advisor: Peter Grabner)
  • Jan Jendrysiak (Advisor: Michael Kerber)
  • Sabina Kiss (Advisor: Eranda Dragoti-Cela)
  • Joachim Orthaber (Advisor: Oswin Aichholzer)
  • Mara Pompili (Advisor: Daniel Smertnig)
  • Balint Rago (Advisor: Alfred Geroldinger)
  • Florian Russold (Advisor: Michael Kerber)
  • Dominik Schmid (Advisor: Mihyun Kang)
  • Matthias Söls (Advisor: Michael Kerber)
  • Alexander Zahrer (Advisors: Martin Kalck)

Alumni (Graduated since 2023)

  • Tuan Anh Do (Advisors: Mihyun Kang, Joshua Erde)
  • Bianca Dornelas (Advisor: Michael Kerber)
  • Stefan Hammer (Advisor: Wolfgang Woess)
  • Benjamin Klahn (Advisor: Christian Elsholtz)
  • Gabriel Lipnik (Advisors: Christian Elsholtz, Robert Tichy)
  • Rosna Paul (Advisor: Oswin Aichholzer)
  • Panagiotis Spanos (Advisor: Wolfgang Woess)
  • Alexandra Weinberger (Advisor: Oswin Aichholzer)
  • Lasse Wulf (Advisor: Bettina Klinz)
  • Daodao Yang (Advisor: Robert Tichy)

Gender-related and work-life balance topics

We want to create conditions where all members of the school are able to develop their personal and professional skills without being limited by gender stereotypes or any other discriminating role assignment, and also strive to improve the balance between work and private life. Contact persons for these topics:

International Advisory Board

  • Valérie Berthé (Paris)
  • Herbert Edelsbrunner (IST Austria)
  • Jaroslav Nešetřil (Praha)
  • Laurent Saloff-Coste (Ithaca)