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At TU Graz, research in Mathematics is performed mainly at the five mathematical institutes bearing the designations Analysis and Number Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Statistics, and Geometry. They are part of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Geodesy. The web pages you are currently looking at are documenting their publications and lectures. TU Graz however has more research groups with strong mathematical content also outside this group, e.g. in image processing, computational geometry, information theory, finite elements, and others.


TU Graz has launched ``Fields of Expertise'' as overarching brackets over related research groups which are not necessarily close in terms of organisational subdivisions. The FoE Mathematics feels at home in is termed ``Information, Communcation and Computing''. The interdisciplinary intentions of this FoE are nicely symbolized by the snapshot of Gauss' collected works displayed above: it shows the foremost of all mathematicians applying the Fast Fourier Transform — an algorithm which was famously rediscovered at Bell labs 160 years later, and which meanwhile can be found hardwired on signal processors.